Hello pretty stranger! My name is Afiqah Azhar . I'm an ordinary girl from Kelantan, Malaysia . I live with my parents in our tiny house in small vilage. I'm the writer and picture-taker here at Fluerica. My blog is a fun way for me to savor the best parts of my days or sometimes-stories about unpredictabilities.  I started my blog in October 2009 for a few months and deleted it. In 2011, I'm back again and since then I am amazed everyday by the people, experiences and personal growth that it has given me.

I love analogue camera. I still use the analogue camera because I'm very interested in it. I do love it because I don’t expect perfection out of my results as I do when shoot on a digital camera. And I love to wait the result from my beloved camera. Sometimes I'm make beautiful mistakes on snapping the picture and the prints are beautiful compare with the digital camera.

 ●  Born on March. A typical Pieces - Trustworthy , Understanding , Unrealistic . 
 ●  My babies ; UWS camera sakura-san, Digital Yashica, Olympus Pen1 Fujifilm 210, Fujifilm 8 mini & Conan Ftb.
 ●  Laugh most the time (even without a specific reason) , Crazy at times, Screams all the time.
 ●  A person who blog, occasionally and randomly (depends on her mood).
 ●  Loves to bake, kawai things, photography and designing.
 ●  Sweet tooth
 ●  Pink Obsession , secretly lovin everything comes in PINK
 ●  A deciophobia, got problem / fear on making decision.
 ●  Simply adore her friends.Quality friends come before quantity
 ●  Respect her family, always the first than everything. Blood is thicker than water.
 ●  Fairytale Heroine. Believe in fairytales, quite silly sometimes.

Well, if you want me to look beautiful to you, or just want to say hello, you can get in touch with me by following my Twitter @fiqahazhar or my Instagram @fikkah.

 I am who i am ; Love me, love me not.
xoxo, fika