Freebie : Everyday Update #blogskin

Friday, June 3, 2016

Hello beautiful strangers! How are you doing? If you are following my previous blog ( or following my blog ) , you must know that during my 'hey-hey-day" , I love creating blogskin (only classic template) and upload it for free use on blogskin website . I also have a freebie friday corner in my blog for freebie stuff .  Since I moved here , I will re-upload my freebie here and you can freely download it . If you have any question about this blogskin , please comment below . I will try my best to help you .

This blogskin only work on classic template only. 
Please convert your current template to classic template before you use this blogskin . Enjoy!

EVERYDAY UPDATE is a simple blogskin with colour scheme black and white. This blogskin is special for fashionable blogger who love to update their "Outfit Of The Day" or someone who seek for simple skin. It has 2 column with navigation. To download this skin, please click here.

Lastly, you can alter my basecode but please keep me as credit. I found some of blogger using my blogskin as their basecode but remove my credit! Just think if someone stole your "stuff", what do you feel?

If you're using this skin or download it, please leave your feedback . At least, I know you like it or not.