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Today , I want to share with you my little slice of happiness in the form my currently stationery shopping. It's from Tabiyo Shop . An online store located in Malaysia. It is a relatively small shop, as they seem to have small runs of stationary products, but they are very friendly. Tabiyo shop is one of great online shop to buy Midori Traveler's Notebook because they are an authorized dealer for Midori Traveler's Notebook in Malaysia with lots of good review on it . They also have variety of stickers, washi tapes, living tools , letter sets and many more . Last month ( June ) , they have special promotion for a month . It is free postage all over Malaysia ! What?!? I can use RM7 for postage to buy new washi tape for my collection . hehe

" Tabiyo Shop is formed by Yen Fong and Lee Ming. Yen Fong is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, most of the time she is in-charge on the order processing, packaging, photo shoot and other works for Tabiyo. While on the other hand, Lee Ming who is currently based in Hiroshima, Japan. She's mainly in-charge on the back stage work, for example, writing on descriptions, sharing some new ideas and stationery she encountered in Japan - Tabiyo Shop Founder "

So, here's some of the photo I took when I received this parcel from Tabiyo. Their package already make me smile all the day .

Letter Set by Hightide . Cost RM20 . Contains 5 envelopes, 15 sheets of letter paper and 5 label seals.

Yay! My new washi tapes! Actually, this is 2015 Christmas collection . Since they are in sale price, why not I buy it and use it for this coming Christmas . I can decorate it on my postcards . This one cost RM8 per roll .

Sticky Notes by La Plume de Louise . Cost RM10 . It come in 6 different family characters ; Grandma , Grandpa , Papa , Mama , Girl and Boy . I bought Girl character .

Tabiyo Shop


  1. Thank you for the lovely blog post, Afiqah! We hope you have a fun time playing with stationery :)



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