Hello world

Hello world, how are you doing? Do you miss me? *silent* I know I've been away for long time . I'm so sorry for not updating my blog but I'm still alive in instagram tho (I think!haha) If you wonder while my instagram feed turn out blankly , I just want to clean my feed and get a new theme for my feed but I don't know when I'll post my first photo . haha. For those who email-ed me for blogskin coding code , I will reply it slowly. Actually , all of my blogskins are classic template so you need to convert it first but don't worry I will try my best to help you . Thank you for liking and using my blogskins . 

So, as you know . I've been in Korea for 2 weeks on 24th August with my friend. This is my first oversea trip . Only two of us who have zero experience. haha . We went to Busan and Seoul . This trip should be backpacker trip but failed. We spent lot of money for nonsense items . haha . It's fun tho, I enjoyed every moments I were there .I learnt a lot of things for better trip next time. We went there without travel agents . Just depend on our research . I feel so grateful that we don't lost on our first time take a subway there and went to tourist place. I still can't believe I were there . I will blog about this soon with my travel budget . If have any questions about my trips, feel free to email or message here . I'm happy to help you .

Life update? Nothing much. Finally I've free time for myself. I have one month off from work. I just spend my day watching movies and replying some letters from penpals . Recently I bought new film camera. I will show you when I get it . What else? I went to hiking last week for the first time of my life. It's fun and I think I want to do it again next time. That's all . I hope you have a great day!

Photo taken : Kodak Portra 400 , Canon ftb