Hello pretty strangers! How's your day? Two new pimples have decided to make their home on strategic parts of my face. My favorite bloggers aren’t updating their blogs anymore. My career path is somewhat stuck in limbo and the path ahead is looking dreary. I’ve terminated my pricey gym membership but I’ve also gained an inch around my waist. Worst of all, I’ve lost two family members who’ve been with me throughout my life. This has been my 2016 thus far. The twenties don’t look so welcoming after all. Amidst the complaints and mess, I know that I have a God who is constantly protecting me: keeping me from undesirable circumstances in life and causing doors of opportunity to swing open for me. Though the first quarter of my quarter of a century has been looking bleak and shitty; I know I’m blessed beyond words and that good things are in store for me.

So . How have you guys been doing ? I'm curious .