Google PhotoScan

We've all considered getting a scanner to turn those old prints into shiny digital files, right? Last year, I have spent dozens of hours digitizing my old prints . Tell you the truth , the reality of scanning your old photos is a lot slower and a lot less fun than the dream . Good news , Google recently released an app called PhotoScan to make it easier for people that are tasked with digitizing photos. And you can download Google PhotoScan on iOS and Android . 

It cleverly solves the problem of scanning photos using your phone by getting you to shoot them from multiple angles, and then it cleverly stitches the images together into a sharp, optimised composite, unblemished by shadows and glare. And it's a lot more fun than spending an afternoon feeding photographs into a flatbed scanner and gradually losing the will to live. Sound so cool right ?

As a postcrosser , I have to scan all of postcards that I received / sent and upload it to the postcrossing website . You know sometimes the hassle of getting the scanner out or finding the right the cable for the camera is a bit too much work, right ? Thanks to Google PhotoScan , with five clicks and I end up with a great photo of my postcard, trimmed and ready to be uploaded to the site. Pfeww... so much easier than the scanner !

Here is a video demo that Google put together that describes how Google PhotoScan works :

Of course, no system is absolutely perfect, and you might find yourself struggling to faithfully capture your old photos with PhotoScan. Don't panic, though, as Google has thoughtfully compiled a set of tips to help you get the best results.

It suggests that you place each photo on a flat surface with a contrasting background, and that you avoid scanning on carpet. You should also avoid tilting your phone while scanning, and orient it to match each photo; that it, if you're scanning a vertical photo then hold it vertically, and for hold it horizontally for horizontal photos.

Another useful tip that will help you avoid glare and get clearer photos is to turn your flash on; this will also help if you're scanning photos in glass frames.

Photos / Video source : google