Postcard Hunter : Lunar Year

Do you know about Postcrossing ? A place where you can exchanged postcards with strangers all around the world . I have been a member of Postcrossing for over one year (yep!I'm still newbie) . I discovered Postcrossing while searching for penpal . It really makes my day when I find out that I have received postcards besides bills and ads . It's so interesting to read about other postcrossers' life, hopes, dreams etc . At the same time you always learn something about the country or the culture where the card comes from .

How is Postcrossing work?

Postcrossing is on a mission to connect letter writers from all over the world, through–you guess it, postcards . Signing up is easy (it took me less than five minutes) and soon after you’ll get your first recipient’s address . As soon as your postcard is received, you’ll be on your way to receiving one in return . The more postcards you send, the more that turn up in your mailbox . Best of all, if you find someone awesome you’d like to continue corresponding with, you can . My heart jumps everytime when I draw a new address .

But I have problems to buy postcards here . I'm lucky to stumble J-Mei 's blog while searching for online shop that sell postcards . She shared where to get postcards , postcards receive/send and etc . Since in February we will have Chinese New Year celebration, I asked her where to get CNY postcards theme and tadaa!! Here I'm . I bought 2 set of CNY postcards from Fei Xia. She is so talented .

I asked Fei Xia to write CNY wishes in one of postcards that I bought from her because I want to save it in my collections ( Actually I got this idea from J-Mei ) . In one set, you will get 4 different postcards for RM18 . She also have another set of postcards like Malaysian Beverages and Malaysian foods .

I also bought monkey theme stamps to match up with my postcards . 2016 is monkey year anyways . 


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