Two Thousand Sixteen

Welcome to my new home! How it is? Do you like it? My previous blog ( April Delight ) still alive but I will keep it private. I want to start fresh and positive vibe here. No more complaining post or negative vibe (lol). Today is the first day of two thousand sixteen. I still can believe it two thousand fifteen already left us. Duh! I'll miss 2015 . Thank you for a good 2015 . Your mercy abounds forever . Thank you , God for blessing me with wonderful people to surround myself with and family . Thank you for showering me in love and grace and mercy . 

Sometimes I have to take a moment to stop and be grateful for all the things and people that God has blessed with me so that I can come back and read it again when I feel like crap. I admit that I'm complaining a lot . I need to change this attitude . I'll do it slowly . I'd like to thank God for giving me a good job , amazing colleagues and an even more amazing boss . I learn a lot from them and be more socialize around strangers . Yep.. I'm awkward around strangers . Thank God for wonderful parents that love me despite my flaws and all the terrible things I do in their eyes . You can't choose family , but I don't think I could've picked better parents if I had chosen for myself anyway . Thank you for your constant love and care and advice even if I don't always take it . For my besties (you know who you are) thanks for staying my friends for all these years without slowly coming to loathe me for the obnoxious human being that I am . I don't know how you guys do it , but keep doing it because I doubt I'd find finer friends than you guys . Thank you for all the little things that you guys do for me to put a smile on my face. Everyone needs friends like you . I'm glad that I do . 

Finally , I thank God for giving me purpose , and for always being there to pick me up when I'm standing on the edge, just about to fall into that black hole of nothingness . For unconditional love and for the assurance that someone will never let me down under any circumstance . For guidance and protection and reason . For everything good I've ever had and ever will have . For life .

Happy new year , and I hope to God that 2016 is good to us all .